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video of the heavy plane https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eyL4KnK8hXw&t=100s


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  • some info. at 2:13, a flywheel Should be Just a flywheel. the presence of magnets at the flywheel, and at such a Large radius, is Problematic. because, it suggests that an (internal) load is present, at a radius where the engine has Negative-MA. if so, this is less-than ideal.
    it can be seen that any direct-drive engine has, partially, negative-MA over the load (that occurs near the prop tips). so, rpms and output Torque must be optimally manipulated.
    how fast does this engine 'like' to run. maybe the model should be rather large; with a reduction-driven prop. compare the use of an psru, where nominal engine speed is too fast.

    a full-size prop is most effective at, about, 2500 rpms. while, most small props turn Much faster. an engine's rpm 'sweet zone' should be accounted for, in the design of the power system.. googletranslate

    toothed belt reduction